The beauty of an holiday
which makes you feel at home.
B&B La Nzina - Frassanito - Otranto

La 'Nzina B&B

La 'Nzina

When the sun sets behind the trees of La 'Nzina, another day - between nature and relaxation - has come to an end. The cicadas in the distance are the background to this magical and intimate moment. The countryside is preparing for the shadows of the evening.
This is the moment of the day that makes us feel closer to her, La 'Nzina, the heart and the soul of our bed and breakfast.
La 'Nzina represents our grandmothers: one is discreet, reserved and dedicated in the caring of the house while the other one is a genuine lover of the countryside life. Both - in their own ways - thoughtful and attentive. They are the essence of an intimate and enveloping warmth and are able to hold the loved ones under the same roof.
They are the protectors of their nearest and dearest, they inspired our sense of hospitality, whose distinctive feature is simplicity.
Both in summer and in winter, we like to make your holidays in Frassanito unforgettable.
In La 'Nzina Beauty reigns supreme, between the quiet of nature and our hospitality that makes you feel a member of the family.

We are Igor and Germana and our bed and breakfast in Frassanito (Otranto) is the ideal accommodation for couples or small groups of people who love relaxation. The building is recently built, is close to the sea and Alimini Lakes and is located a few miles from Otranto.
La 'Nzina is a family-run B&B that includes 3 double rooms overlooking the Salento countryside which is a wonderful setting of suggestive sunsets, every day.
Just like the way she used to take care of us, we want to take care of you
B&B La Nzina

La 'Nzina B&B


The name of each B&B’s room is inspired by a plant that tickles the sense of smell, letting the emotions free to flow into the soft world of our childhood memories. The rooms’ furnishings and finishes reflect some characteristics of Salento.
We have devoted a great deal of attention in looking for simple but refined materials, enhanced by a modern design which is inspired by the territory.
The 3 double rooms of our B & B are made to be remembered by fabrics and embroideries, testament of a style which is meant to last forever.

Each room has:
A mini-fridge, an hairdryer, TV, wi-fi, bedding and towels
Air-conditioned rooms for the different seasons of the year (air conditioners, towel warmers, radiators)
Private parking inside the structure
Large outdoor garden with the possibility of outdoor breakfast
Breakfast inside from 8.00 to 10.30
Possibility to book riding excursions and water sports.
Just like home but on holidays







La 'Nzina B&B


La ‘Nzina B&B
Via azienda frassanito, 44
73028 Otranto LE

CIS LE07505761000018902

For further information, availability and reservation:
+39 320 813 6986 - +39 320 468 8301

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